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Get a unique, bird’s-eye perspective on the famous coastline of the Alanya Riviera. Alone, or choose to ride tandem with one or two friends or family members. After a safety briefing and lesson on parasailing basics, step into a safety harness and wade out into the warm water of the Numan Water Sports. Your guide will help connect your harness to the giant parasail and a pull rope attached to a speed boat. As the boat pulls forward and your sail fills with elevating air, feel the thrilling sensation of rising up to 165 feet (50 meters) into the sky. Once airborne, enjoy stunning aerial views of the sandy coastline, the expansive blue waters of the Mediterranean, Alanya’s historic streets and the rolling hills of Provençe. After around 7 minutes of unforgettable flight, drift down for a water landing as the pull boat slows to a stop. Emerge back onto the shore at the end of your parasailing experience.